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    1 in 8 People Are In Sales

    That means their families future relies solely on their ability to connect, communicate and close a deal. Travis moved from a salary to a commissioned based job and his family required him to bring in more than 6 figures per year to run their household. Without a system in place Travis would have struggled, instead we helped him make sales fun! and with a little effort and specific instructions on how to execute the day Travis made his first 6 figures in just a few months.

    92% of Sales Happen Over The Phone

    Yet ... most people hate the phone! Bob worked day in and day out at the office sending e-mails, texts and updating his social media and while he spent more time working than Sandy, Sandy outsold Bob by more than 50% ... why? Because Sandy never had to be anywhere other than her phone. She relied on it to call, text and leave voicemails and because she knew how to properly do this her customers were happier, her closing ratios were higher and her ability to connect to prospects was better.

    11% of Sales People Ask For Referrals

    Yet ... 91% of customers are willing to give them. Sam solely relies on referrals for his business. Tom on the other hand is so 'busy' prospecting that he never remembers to follow up with his current clients to see how happy they are or who they know that might like to buy. Sam out performs Tom month over month and never has to go home frustrated that his pipeline isn't full. Why? Because he never goes a day without asking his customers who they know that would love to speak with him. In fact we've found more than 6 Million Dollars over 3 years in Sam's business since implementing the 'referral's mean more' program.

  • 60% of People Want To Discuss Pricing

    on The 1st Call

    Jeff never wanted to hear the word "no" because it meant people didn't love, care or respect him. Jeff therefore never discussed price. After decades of struggling to ask for the sale Jeff realized the millions of dollars he had left on the table simply because he didn't actually make an offer. The exact offer his customers were waiting for him to make so they could buy. The fact is: If you don't ask for the sale you'll never get it.

    Discounts Decrease Closing Rates By 17%

    Why would you discount something that brings value to another person? Those who know the value will be willing to pay the price. Those who don't understand the value will always find an excuse on why they don't have the time, effort, energy, money or budget to invest or purchase whatever it is that is being offered to them. OR they don't have a problem or don't know that they have a problem that your product can provide a solution to, therefore it isn't urgent enough for them to take action.

    69% of Buyers Just Want To Be Heard

    Have you ever listened so intently to what the prospect was trying to convey without thinking about what you were going to say next? Top performers listen far more effectively because they provide connections to products, services and people while solving the actual problem the prospect is facing. While the 'hard core salesman' spends his time focused on pushing a product/service a prospect might never need much less use!

  • 9 Out Of 10 Buying Decisions Are

    Based On Recommendations

    If you've ever been to a good movie you've told a friend, if you've ever been to a restaurant chances are you've recommended the restaurant. If you've ever been shopping and scored a good deal chances are you've told others; the same is true for your product/service. If your product rocks your customers are talking about it. If your product sucks ... well your customers are also talking about it!

    Sales People Only Spend 1/3 of Their Day Prospecting ... Yet They Say Their #1 Priority Is Sales!

    Instead they spend 21% of their day writing emails, 17% entering data, another 17% prospecting & researching leads, 12% going to internal meetings, and 12% scheduling calls. Say What?! If 2/3 of your day, month and year is mis-aligned with your goals it's no wonder you aren't hitting your quotas and dramatically increasing your bottom line.






  • WE ARE NOT ...


    A Rah' Rah' Motivational Seminar

    If you're looking for motivation ... go read a book or watch Netflix!


    A Pitch Fest

    Yes ... Our partners and sponsors have amazing opportunities for you to take advantage of but you won't be worn out by pitch after pitch.

    We believe in value first!


    An Energy Drink

    Don't expect to walk in and walk out the same. We are not going to hype you up, only to let you down. You will walk away with real things you can do TODAY to put real money in the bank!



    I was in a board room with six men and this Executive walks up to me and says "I'm going to be at your event." I looked at him and said "This is the part where I should ask for your credit card, but I'm not going to. If you want to be there you would already have it out." And ... I walked out the door. 2 hours later... Jim messages me and says "I think you were being nice to me when you said I should already have had my CC out. I've purchased my ticket. When can we have coffee?" Jim was smart enough to know that if he was truly committed to his growth he would be required to take action and be there ... will you?

  • WE ARE...




    We want to see you succeed, so we bring world class sales trainers to you to show you what it's like to work less, make more and go to sleep at night happy about your family's future!



    We don't just give back financially we are out in the community volunteering our time EVERY WEEK with local non-profits to make Minneapolis a better place to live and work.



    We don't like average. We want everyone to win! Your business relies on sales and your sales depend on the quality of your customers. It's time to start working with people that love your offer!



    We LOOOVE fun! We are not your boring, classroom type style, sit around and have meetings all day kind of sales company. We are out helping our customers win the game of business while making sales fun!


    I'm out in the field all the time and the one thing I realize is people think sales requires them to save the day and be a hero! It doesn't. It requires you to be a friend. Have you ever sat down with someone and without judgement listened to them? I mean truly listened to every word they were saying AND not saying. If you have then you know that swinging clubs at Top Golf, having coffee at Caribou, dining at Good Day Cafe, touring the PGA golf superstore or showing up for social networking events around the city does more for your reputation and credibility than simply having a website or owning a business. People want to know you! They want to like you and they want to do business with you. But ... they don't want to be another transaction, another quota hit or another credit card swiped. They want to be your friend. And frankly, they want your attention! If you don't give it to them ... you're costing yourself time, business and sales! YOU NEED TO TRULY CARE ABOUT YOUR CUSTOMERS AND THEY NEED TO FEEL THAT.



    1. You love money

    2. You love people

    3. You believe in and love the product/service you're selling


    All 3 of these are the keys to more sales.

    If you're ready to...


    1. Connect with other amazing sales people

    2. Collaborate with others in the room

    3. Convert more prospects into customers


    You'll want to be there. April 27 & 28th, 2019


    -In Order From Left to Right. Top to Bottom-

    Brigitta Hoeferle

    As a powerfully engaging and professional speaker, Brigitta is also known as the fasted-tracked female trainer and retired lead coach of the world's largest self-development company. As leading mentor, business coach and author she is invited to speak on large stages around the world. Her degrees in marketing and social pedagogy and education validate her expertise, logic and knowledge, but it is her creativity, humanity and passion which really makes her stand out and lead other leaders.


    Brigitta was born and raised in Germany and resides in the U.S. since 2004 with her two wonderfully independent and successful daughters, and her husband, the renowned Culture Guy. She is the award-winning founder of the German Language School and the Montessori School of Cleveland.


    As the CEO & owner of the NLP Institute of Atlanta and the #1 Lead Trainer of BANKCODE, she gives full credit for her success to her unique communication and listening skills, her tenacity and her never-ending desire to take something from good to outrageously great. To add even more fuel to the fire and more credibility to her work, Brigitta has created the Rapid Results Coaching Program for BANKCODE and spearheads the B.A.N.K. Rapid Results Coaching Program.


    When Brigitta shares with you the secret, the system and the science to supercharge your success, you will be inspired to lead with her in the worlds most unique methodology, which is scientifically validated, to predict buying behavior in less than 90 seconds; B.A.N.K.

    Dr. Karen Perkins

    Dr. Karen Perkins, MBA, DBA, is an engaging and highly sought-after international speaker, a best-selling author, personal growth coach and a leading expert in emotional intelligence and change management. For over 25 years she has unveiled the keys to personal growth in such a way that people quickly recognize and begin to fulfill their own immeasurable potential. She has helped thousands of individuals rapidly meet and exceed career goals, improve relationships, rebuild self-confidence, create internal strength, overcome bad habits, and harness their unlimited personal emotional power. Top performers know they can depend on her to raise their awareness and abilities to quantum leap their life and business.

    Rene Kamstra

    Rene Kamstra has a passion for People, Business and Travel, and has earned her place as a top International speaker and Coach in the world. Her speciality is communication which obviously includes SALES. Her current business clientele span over 29 countries where she is personally responsible for increasing half of billion dollar’s worth of sales. Two of her clients won major awards. “Black Girls Run” won a $25,000 award from Oprah and Toyota. MyCube recently won a $1 million dollar offer from “Shark Tank” Australia.


    With her philosophy that 80% of success is Mindset and 20% Strategy she spends a lot of her time on looking deeper and listening for clues. Her logo says it all -- “Be the eye of the storm - No matter what happens around you, always stay in your center and move forward.”


    Not only is she passionate about business and life coaching, she is also an Emmy Award Winner for her TV performance in a gospel singing group with the great Aretha Franklin and Cissy Houston.

    Melissa Krivachek

    Melissa Krivachek has been blessed with a passion for training sales leaders, teams and companies across the globe through her educational event “The Ultimate Sales Summit.”

    From the age of seven she knocked on doors selling popcorn and greeting cards to be able to afford a bicycle for her and her sister. That’s when she fell in love with the ability to make money on demand. And, over the past 24 years she has done every type of sale imaginable from high ticket to cold calling, retail, social selling and everything in between; helping generate millions of dollars in revenue while inspiring businesses to have more fun!

    Beyond the ability to take people from a cold contact to a closed contract Melissa has been given numerous accolades, landing her on the front cover of Evolution Magazine as their Top Power Player Under 40. Melissa has also been nominated for Forbes and Inc. Magazines prestigious list of “30 Under 30” and has been named the “Top 1% of US Executives” two years in a row by The American Council of Executives. In addition she’s made hundreds of media appearances and has been given multiple awards from the states of Iowa where she grew up and Minnesota where she now resides.

    Melissa has also written 10 books - 7 of which are International Best-Sellers. Sales is Melissa’s forte and she’s happy to help teach you how to connect, communicate and close more deals!

    Chances are your business requires sales and Melissa’s on the ground, in the front line tactics work for those just starting out their career in the field, as well as those whom have spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in sales. Working with and alongside more than 200 Millionaires and businesses to date Melissa knows what it takes to help you make more sales!

    Dr. Letitia Wright

    Dr. Letitia Wright is the Executive Producer and host of her nationally syndicated television show Wright Place Television, which is now in its 18th season with the bandwidth expanding over 6.5 million homes each week in Southern California. Wright Place is also seen nationally on DISH on Demand spanning its reach to 60 million plus homes.


    As America’s Crowdfunding Strategist, Dr. Wright has been on the list of the Top 100 Crowdfunding Experts for the last 4 years and was invited to President Obama’s Global Entrepreneur Summit this past summer.


    Dr. Wright teaches for the Los Angeles Small Business Administration, The Las Vegas Small Business Administration, The Reno Small Business Administration as well as Cal State San Bernardino’s MBA program.


    She currently hosts the Get CrowdFunded Now Podcast on ALEXA, GOOGLE HOME, Anchor.fm, Google Play, Stitcher and iTunes, where she brings crowdfunding news and lessons and insights for those who want to participate in that area.


    Dr. Wright has built and sustained successful business endeavors for a span of 17 years and is steadily breaking new ground with her expertise as director and producer.

    Michelle Villalobos

    Michelle Villalobos (vee - ya - LOW - bos) earned an undergraduate degree in Psychology (modified with Math) from Dartmouth College in 1996, and an MBA from The University of Miami in 2004 (from which she graduated with a 4.0 GPA). She is a devout student of human nature, and is certified to administer and interpret the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Instrument).


    Michelle has consulted for companies like Frito Lay, Grey Goose and Walt Disney World Resorts, and has delivered hundreds of trainings, seminars and workshops for entrepreneur organizations and associations, like NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners), NSA (The National Speakers Association) and for companies like American Express, Bacardi and Lloyd’s of London. When Michelle isn't on a stage or in front of a room, she’s probably reading, doing yoga, skiing or hiking in the mountains of Colorado.

  • David Dube

    Ever wonder why you're not where you thought you'd be by now?

    Or even wonder why some relationships are so difficult to keep?

    "People get things but they seldom understand them." One great example of this is your vehicle; a vast majority of people know how to drive yet very few are capable of doing more than their own oil changes. David knows this applies to so much more of our lives than we'd like to think. We have relationships with individuals and yet don't understand why we get along with some and not others. Or why we fall short at reaching our goals time and time again. There's a method to the madness and it's not as difficult as you'd like to think.

    Tim Johnson

    Tim consults and trains forward-thinking business owners and entrepreneurs in these powerful Why-To-Wealth™ Strategies. Some are also selected to participate in the "Why-To-Wealth 1% Club™" Board of Directors, comprised of top business specialists and experts in efficiency, systems and processes, marketing and profitability and within specific market segments.


    Known as “The Biz Dev Guy”, Tim is a frequent guest on ABC, NBC, FOX and CBS, and has shared the stage with global industry leaders at prestigious venues including West Point and the Business Expert Forum at Harvard Faculty Club.


    When he is not on the road working with his clients or speaking, Tim can be found on his ranch in South Bend, Indiana with his beloved wife Janelle, often four-wheeling or spending time with his children and grandchildren. An avid philanthropist, Tim is a strong supporter of battered women shelters and food pantries, and is in the process of launching his own non-profit organization. Watch his story to understand why.

    Mike Coval

    Mike D Coval is the owner/creator of Invest-Edu.com and runs several live trading rooms where he donates 100% of his trading profits to charity and is the author of “A Trader on Wall Street”. As one of the biggest names in the Investment Education field, Mike has trained tens of thousands of investors around the world and has created top Investment Training courses for some of the largest names in the industry including CNBC, BusinessWeek, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, ThinkorSwim and INVESTools.


    Mike is one of the few people that trade live (in his personal account) at National Investment Conferences, easily exposing his profitable trading expertise so that investors can learn from and follow along. As an Author, Educator and Trader he has spent the last 20 years teaching people to take control of their own investments and stop taking unnecessary losses. His main focus for investors of all levels, is to teach them how and when to alter/repair their ongoing trades.

    Ryan Fritzsche

    Ryan Fritzsche has worked in the payment processing industry for ten years. During this time, Ryan has worked in all facets of the payment industry, including agent relations, customer support, technical support and management positions. Ryan has developed and consulted for chargeback management, risk and fraud mitigation companies. Ryan is passionate about working with companies to improve their abilities to perform through providing state of the art technologies and services.

    Mark Yuzuik

    Mark Yuzuik was raised in a family where love was in abundance and money was not.


    He witnessed his parents struggle through many hard times and swore to himself he would find a way to become wealthy so he could take care of his family. As Mark grew up, his thirst for creating wealth was only exceeded by his passion for helping other people.


    Today, Mark is a self-made multi-millionaire who has touched the lives of people everywhere he goes. He gives credit for his success to his willingness to always strive for more. Mark surrounds himself with the types of people that are willing to hold him accountable to the standards he needs to live by in order to maximize his talents.


    As an avid student, Mark has found his coaches to be one of the most vital components to achieving his dreams.


    He teaches his students that simply having the knowledge is not enough...you must consistently take the actions necessary as well and a coach can be one of the best investments you’ll ever make in helping you to make your dreams a reality. Mark also conducts multi-day seminars along with his partners in the areas of Real Estate Investing,

    Personal Growth, and Hypnosis.


    While many speakers teach these same types of programs, it is Mark’s love of people and his passion for making a difference that will shine through in his words and in his presence on stage.

    Majeed Mogharreban

    World-traveling Dad and professional speaker, Majeed Mogharreban, founder of the Expert Speaker Institute, will help you go from the best kept secret to the go-to person in your field. You have a story that needs to be heard so that people will discover you and hire you. Majeed will help you tell that story and get your message in front of your ideal clients.


    Majeed is the number one highest rated instructor in the world at Learning Tree International out of 721, he is a two-time international best-selling author, and TEDx speaker.


    Majeed has spoken at the United Nations twice and has worked privately with celebrities, politicians, an olympic gold medal winner, CEO's and top entrepreneurs. His mission is to help you tell your story on stage to create a greater impact because your story has the power to change the world.


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